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Friday, September 28, 2007


Sunday, September 23, 2007

House of Reps Fighting & Fasting

Nigeria political arena never ceases to amaze me, but this is one of the most tumultuous week ever. A free-for-all fight erupted at the House of Representatives' Hearing Room One, with House members loyal to Madam Speaker Patricia Olubunmi Etteh and her critics trading punches and wrestling one another to the ground. However, they quickly decided to placate some house members by distributing gifts meant for Sallah at the end of the week.

Food items like rice, milk, sugar and vegetable oil worth about N43.2m are now being distributed to all members of the Federal House of Representatives. Each member is collecting two cartons of milk, one gallon of vegetable oil, two bags of rice and one carton of sugar. Some members, however, expressed surprise that gifts meant for Sallah were being distributed to all members, irrespective of their religious persuasions, well ahead of the Sallah festivities, which is expected to be marked on October 13.

The gifts, which many members have already collected, is raising eyebrows as some members are wondering why its distribution is so close to the Wednesday date set for receiving the report of the panel investigating the N628m contract scandal.“HERE...

While the rest of the nation is grappling with the harsh economic realities of feeding members of their family with little or no resources, these house legislators are busy awarding fraudulent contracts, fighting like animals in the house chambers and doling out govt largesse for some religious celebration without even passing a single Bill that will help alleviate the sufferings of ordinary Nigerians. These are supposedly lawmakers who turn out to be law breakers in a show of shame. Because they are not duly elected, this kind of despicable behaviour will linger on in our political arena, until the Nigerian electorate exercise their rights to hold leaders accountable by electing people with character that will represent them.
Like I have said in my earlier post “HERE., a house divided against itself cannot stand. Madam Speaker needs to resign NOW!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AGF Aondoakaa Must Go!

Early last month, the federal government, with the prompting of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Michael Kaase Aondoakaa, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, took a decision that could have put the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in a straitjacket. The government directed the EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies to seek the approval of the Attorney-General before embarking on the prosecution of suspected violators of the country’s anti-corruption laws. Many Nigerians wondered what could have prompted the action. To them, the reason was as complex as the spelling and pronunciation of the Attorney-General’s name.

Fast forward to today, there have been news going round that reports that President Umar Yar’adua machinery has perfected a plan to spare all corrupt ex-governors, former President Ole Baba Jaguda (OBJ) and top officials of his administration from prosecution for corrupt enrichment. Each official has been advised to scout a corrupt high court judge willing to issue an order restraining the official’s arrest or prosecution. Yar’adua’s attorney general will then order the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to desist from harassing any official who is protected by this “bought order”, and it can be authoritatively revealed that a lot of former governors, ministers, special aides to Ole Baba Jaguda and even the former president himself have paid off judges who have written such orders.

As part of the general plot, the hatchet man Attorney General Michael Andoakaa, have been having secret meetings with ex-governors to guarantee them that the EFCC would be thoroughly emasculated. One wonders, is this the Attorney General of the Federation of Nigeria or AG of Corrupt Nigerian politicians?.HERE"...

Under the pretext of defending the rule of law, Yar’dua and AGF Andoakaa are trying to cover up corruption, money laundering and crimes against humanity by ex-governmnent officials. Yar’dua cannot be talking about the rule of law when his government emerged through fraudulent elections. Yar’dua cannot be speaking from both sides of his mouth; with one claiming staunch support for the anti-graft crusade and the other, supporting a serving AGF, who is flagrantly undermining the constitution, the public interest, the interest of justice and the need to prevent abuse of legal process in prosecuting corrupt government officials.

For these reasons, AGF Andoakaa Must Go!

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