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Friday, November 09, 2007

R.I.P. To A Dear Friend

I dont know what to say
I am hurting to hear that you took your own life
why do you do that to me Dawg?
Suicide is not an option
But when you were confronted with life issues, you felt that was the only option
why? Now I'm hurting...
Tears rolling down my cheek while I am writing this
You mean so much to me a friend, a brother, everything I need in a Dawg pal
now I can't think about the things we shared together, because I am always gonna be hurt by your thought
I have never lost someone so close as a friend; and just the way you took your own life without reaching out to me will haunt me forever
I wish you had giving me the option to help out
I wish I had been more of a friend to you to reach out
I wish you had never taken your own life
I can't forgive myself Dawg...I feel like I've failed you
Now you're gone...what can I say to your Daughter when I see her?
It hurts, yes it hurts...
You took the easy way's harder for us now
why? why? why? I can't believe you're gone
I'm gonna live in constant denial...I dont believe you are gone forever
I remember when we talk about growing old together
Riding on Wheel chairs with 22's chrome wheels blinging
And smoking on Cigars and just enjoying life reminiscence about struggling through life
Now you took that away from me...from us
You took your own life and ours with you
I will never forget you Dawg
Kevin Osa, your thoughts will be in my memory forever
Till we meet again

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