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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Politricks Update: Sorry ma peoples, make una no vex

Sorry ma peoples, make una no vex. I’m getting tired small small with Naija politricks as U.S. presidential election was beginning to get interesting. Now that the U.S. election is getting uglier everyday, I am temporarily abandoning my adopted country and shifting focus back to the nation of my birth, the nation of my ancestors, Naija. So you see ma peoples, politics is a ugly business; in as much as I try to find sanity in all of these political brouhaha, be it in Naija or in the da U.S. we are all stuck with politics of same ole, same ole, nothing changes, same rhetoric’s and cut throat politicking and life, (un)fortunately, moves on!

And I’m moving on….

Wonders shall never end with our political election riggers INEC!
Of all the fraudaulent elections that have been cancelled state after state after state,INEC seeks bank loans to organise Kogi, Adamawa gov elections. Anyone who loves Naija will shudder at the thought of INEC and this delusional clown Maurice Iwu abi Ewu (goat), not only conducting an election, but taking a loan to conduct another fraudulent election. At what price and at what cost, can INEC and this he-goat continue to bamboozle Nigerians. INEC as an independent non profit making govt. establishment does not have the legal backing to take a bank loan. Why didn’t Ewu approach OBJ, Ibori and Yawdua for this loan; he has been a good lackey in rigging elections to their favour!
If Yardua is honest with the Nigerian people in sanitizing our nations electoral process, this Ewu would have long resigned. INEC is not only incompetent, but grossly corrupt and lacks the credibility to even conduct a school inter house sport on a fairly, non-partisan level. And the face of Ewu portray a doomsday political scenario awaiting Nigeria; the more you see his face the more you see that character in Nigerian leaders that says, we don't care what anyone says, our culture is corruption.

It’s been reported that,Ibori's Airline Beechcraft 1900 with three crew members on board has been declared missing hours after it should have landed at Obudu, Cross River state. The mssing Beechcraft 1900 aircraft has been the aircraft of choice for charter flights by several high net worth clients and companies, was in perfect condition as at the time the flight was operated. Considering the fact that Nigeria have had three terrible air crashes between 2005 and 2006, this is no surprising news. Again, the aviation industry’s inadequacy in search and rescue operations has been exposed. Again too, since we all know it takes the Nigerian authorities several days for search and rescue team to even locate a missing aircraft, it should have been an eye opener to not only the authorities but to Ibori and it’s stolen billions that something needed to have been done urgently to remedy the situation while he was in office. Honestly, while my prayers are with the crew members, I hope that this airline did not make it back in good condition into the hands of this indicted criminal Ibori.

Lastly, earlier this month, an entourage ofGovt delegation denied entry into Mexico . A delegation of the Federal Government that left Nigeria to cheer Samuel Peter to victory in his World Boxing Council fight against Oleg Maskaev in Mexico did not make it to the venue as Mexican immigration officials refused them entry into the North Amercan country. According to the news report, over 20 people came from Nigeria instead of four agreed on between the two countries. It was also revealed that the Nigerian officials failed to pick up their visas from London, with the delegation unilaterally making their transit through Spain from where they boarded their flight to Mexico City. The Mexican immigration officials, who spoke from Mexico City, also claimed that the delegation did not book hotels where they could be located, giving room to further the suspicion that they were up to some tricks in Mexico.

Hold on a second while I go outside to puff a cig and breath some fresh air!(I can't stand stupid people; and our govt is full of plenty!)

Anywayz, I'm baaaack! Bloody idiots; why would they not deny them entry to Mexico?. What have they done for Samuel Peter (funny name tho:)) in training for this fight that they would want to go and partake in his glory?. This govt. delegation should have stayed in Nigeria and cheered him on in their TV screen; but rather decided to make the long trip, inviting their family, friends and cronies all for the estacode. Perhaps this delegation thought the Mexican immigration officials are like our own security agents, who will betray our nation and let you in our country with a flash of a dollar; by taking bribes. This is typical Naija cow mentality and all of these govt. officials should have been arrested by the EFCC for being stupid; for embarking on a dubious, irrelevant and inglorious trip and bringing shame to Nigeria.

These are the fools running the Nigerian Sport Commision. They cannot even follow simple instructions. It is such a shame that we let these morons represent us in anything. Common! 4 valid visas and 20 people showed up? What a shame!!!

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