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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yardua's Worst Election Nigthmare

It’s silly season in Naija political landscape!

As a prelude to this new political reality, the Nigerian elections tribunal have been knocking (s)elected officials off their pedestal like flies –

Early this month, the Inspector-General of Police,Mr. Mike Okiro, ordered the recently removed governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, to vacate the Government House ,Lokoja with immediate effect.
I wondered if he would adhere to the orders of PoPo Mike Okiro, after he’d brazenly boasted that he's still calling the shots; even while the speaker of the house was been sworn in; but alas, surprising enough, Idris vacated the government house overnight; like a scared chicken governor he was!

Coming on the heels of the demise of Kogi state governor,the Benue State Election Tribunal sitting in Makurdi on Saturday annulled the election of the President of the Senate, Senator David Mark. Shortly after the ruling, one of the counsel for David Mark, indicated that Mark would appeal against the judgement, saying that justices are allowed to err. Mark’s loss of his seat came in spite of last-minute maneuvers that involved the use of police officers to intimidate his opponent, Mr. Usman Abubakar, popularly known as "Young Alhaji". Mark's opponent was declared wanted and detained for several hours less than 24-hours before the ruling. PoPo Okiro, please get your koboko ready to flog some sense into this the six million £££pound gorrila David Mark, if he refused to vacate the senate. This is a man that has not only erred politically on many fronts, but on the side of Nigerians many years back when he declared that: “Telephone was not for the poor”

Now this is the koko of this post. Super Tuesday is fast approaching in Naija as Nigerians now await the verdict of the Presidential Elections Tribunal on last year’s controversial presidential polls, which 2-slow Yardua, under the blatant rigging of his thugfather OBJ, claimed to have won!
Anxiety and suspense builds up, as “Master of Reversals” Yar'Adua, awaits the impending judgement and debacle that is about to befall his illegal presidency! I know that Yardua is a little bit 2-slow in timing, but it would do Nigerians a lot of good if he should start packing his things from Aso villa. Someone is going to reverse your election, so why not start packing early?!
But on a serious note, I doubt if this verdict will see this humble mallam heading back to Katsina where he belongs anytime soon.

Yardua may have some tricks up his sleeve. It is curious how the Chairman of the Presidential Elections Tribunals, Justice James Ogebe was nominated as a Supreme Court judge a few days ago. The move has been widely condemned by lawyers and legal analysts, and seen as a cynical move calculated to help the judge consolidate his stance in support of validating the election in the name of national stability.

But since Yardua’s mantra has been respecting the “rule of law”; can he be honest with himself and the Nigerian people by upholding the law and the decisions of the courts? By vacating office and calling for new presidential elections if his election is annulled? Will PoPo Mike Okiro order 2-slow Yardua to vacate his office with immediate effect and automatic alacrity? Or will the rumours of bribery attempts making the rounds by the Yardua govt help turn this verdict in his favour.
Well, we will just have to wait and find out; and I will be posting the update as soon as the news break! UPDATE: Nigerian Tribunal Upholds
Yar'Adua's 2007 Victory!

Until then, let's keep our fingers crossed and hail the revolutionary trends in the Nigerian justice system: “Up the Nigerian Courts!” - down OBJ, Yardua, Iwu abi Ewu (goat), David Mark and co; plus the other misbegotten election-riggers. Nigerian Judiciary is so beautiful now, were it to be a woman, I would romance it nonstop!



Blogger For the love of me said...

The news broke and you did not update. It rules in his favour, I hear. In a way, I am relieved. I really think we should just get on with it in Nigeria. We've spent one year upturning elections and Obj's work,its about time someone started governing.
I do not like Yaradua,but neither do I like Atiku or Buhari,they are to me all evil, and yaradua may just be the lesser of the evils. And in all fairness to him, his respect for the rule of law has made all these upturning possible.It would never have been possible with OBJ. PDP didnt start rigging today.It's three years left and time for us to set things straight in INEC and for a credible presidential aspirant to start winning the hearts of millions of Nigerians who desparately need a change.Something Rev.Mbang said when OBJ rigged his way in to second tenure;that the good thing about time is that it will pass.And it did pass, so also will Yaradua's remaining three years pass.

Tue Feb 26, 01:30:00 PM EST  
Blogger TheAfroBeat said...

@ love of me, 3 years or 7?

oga, we dey await updates now!

Wed Mar 05, 09:34:00 PM EST  
Blogger SOLOMONSYDELLE said...

Men can be so typical. lol! If the judiciary were a woman you would romance her, non stop, eh? lawl!

But seriously, now that Yardy has 'won' and promised to focus on creating benefits for Nigerians, I hope that he will "step his game up" and share some more on his vision for the country. Specifically, the 2020 plan. I have been researching it tirelessly but do not find enough info on it. Got any ideas?

Oh,and feel free to update, oh...


Fri Mar 07, 01:33:00 PM EST  
Blogger For the love of me said...

Politricks, where you dey now?

Sat Mar 08, 04:21:00 PM EST  
Blogger SOLOMONSYDELLE said...

oh, come on...where are you?


Thu Mar 13, 10:16:00 AM EDT  
Blogger TheAfroBeat said...

Haba, this hiatus don pass guage now!!

Thu Mar 20, 02:16:00 AM EDT  

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