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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ribadu's Demise: Death To EFCC

I will have my head examined if I dare to absolve President Yardua from the odium of suspicion and complicity in Ribadu's removal. I would further posit that the little credibility or benefit of doubt that Yardua's govt had with this sham anti-corruption crusade, if any, has irrevocably dissipated by this shameful Ribadu's "one year course" ordered deployment service and was permanently "extinguished" (pardon the pun) in this recent convenient “tight-lipped” Yardua posturing.
Pardon the Okiro's and Aondoakaa's of this world; they are hatchet-men; stooges in the hands of despots; whose servitude to Nigeria will be marked by uncouth pronouncements, rash actions and unholy association with thugs masquerading as political party stalwarts; playing a major role through their undemocratic acts in ruining our nation.

In Nigeria, those that are in dire need of training in democratic tenets are the ones shooting off bazookas of orders! How did these 'weasels' ended up in a position of authority in our political landscape anywayz? Shame on us Nigerians for letting these corrupt political brigandes thrive on our passive acquiescence to their garrison politricks!

Yardua's illegal govt; imposed by a spineless cabal of criminals will stop at nothing to ensure that their wicked and self-serving reign of corruption and wanton looting is not interrupted by anything or anyone.

Ribadu is just a victim of a corrupt establishment; but we, all Nigerians, are suckers to a motley crowd of uncouth brigands and leeches led by renegades of a criminal govt.

With the death of the EFCC a.k.a Ribadu's romoval, Yardua will be condemned to the dustbin of history for frittering away these golden opportunities to lift the country out of the doldrums; moreso for presiding over the demise of the country's democracy with his mediocre performance and primitive disposition.

T'is is the Season. A New Year. A New Dawn. Time for change is NOW!



Blogger TheAfroBeat said...

I agree, shame on us for letting our government do this to us. But what's the solution? How do we hold them accountable to the people? That's the question i've been wrestling with? What can be done?

Sun Jan 13, 02:38:00 PM EST  

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