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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Corruption - Tears of My People

Here is a preview of an article on HERE which I think it's a must read!

Open the news pages of Nigerian dailies or world news about Nigeria, only very few things would make one smile. Beautiful and handsome but sad faces roam the streets. Unemployment rate may run as high as 70 percent and very high inflation rate makes the case worse.
There are conflicting reports on the value of income accruing to the nation that was stashed away in foreign banks by Nigerian leaders. President Obasanjo was quoted in 2002 as putting the total
Amount of money stolen by African leaders at $104 billion (BBC Online of 6/13/02
HERE). In an article published by BusinessDay, written by Wale Haastrup the total amount looted by Nigerian leaders was put at $20 trillion (refer to HERE and HERE). The chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nuhu Ribadu was quoted by BBC as putting the loot by Nigerian leaders since independence at over $380 billion (BBC Online of 10/20/06 HERE). It is not certain the value of Nigerian leaders’ loot, but one thing that is obvious is that it is enormous.

High number of elected and government officials seem to be misappropriating and siphoning money. Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan, the Accountant- General of Nigeria at the National 5th Seminar on Economic and Financial Crimes spoke on how public servants loot the treasury(refer to
Widespread poverty accounts for the bourgeoning rate of crime in the country, which is being exported overseas through Internet or mail scams, popularly known as 419.

Here is a clear example of widespread looting in our national treasury! Let us hear your comments on this!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

"I go chop your dollar" 419ners and Mugus

ABC's 20/20 featured a program on Nigerian 419 on Friday (12/08/06) at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. For a preview... click HERE!
This is really sad, but let's reflect on this Nigerian scam issue for a minute!

Here is a quote from the program -
Lagos - "a corrupt, crime-ridden DISGRACE of a city"!
And i'm like "was that called for?". Not that I am sticking up for the 419ners who have and will continue to rubbish Nigerians in the mud, but there are many notable Nigerians in the U.S. who are working hard for their daily dollars: entrepreneurs, professionals, even some fighting the on-going war on terrorism in Iraq on behalf of American people. Many Nigerian Doctors and Nurses are in critical positions in hospitals around the United States. They won't do a documentary on the good ones - That's my beef and here is more!
MSNBC had it's own review on the Nigerian Email scam HERE some months ago. Dr. Phil had his own filler of "Nigerian 419" a few weeks ago and I hear there will be more in the new year 2007.

Well, the real victims in all of these are the ordinary Nigerian people who are being scammed by those in government. They have hijacked democracy and are flaggrantly enriching themselves by stealing from the public coffers. The Nigerian government pays lip service to fighting corruption under the guise of "EFCC"; whereas this outfit has become a state sponsored tool in fighting it's perceived political enemies, both real and unreal. The final word here is that those in the Nigerian government are the real 419ners! and the Nigerian people are the Mugus! The Nigerians being caught in these videos and the gullible Americans are all actors & criminals in this big political and financial scam called 419!

Are you guys really reading this? Please post your comments!

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