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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Madam Speaker's Birthday Bash at Bowie, Maryland!
Contrary to denials by her colleagues at the National Assembly in Nigeria, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Etteh celebrated her Birthday on Friday night at her Willes Vision Drive home in Bowie, MD (USA). There were lots of guests and many house of reps members who traveled from Nigeria for the purpose of celebrating her 54th birthday. Could this be the medical check up Mrs. Speaker came for? You judge!

Prior to this celebration where she led some members of the House to the United States for her birthday bash, Madam Speaker Etteh and her deputy illegally approved an unbudgeted N629m to renovate their official residences. Nigerians are miffed that the Speaker and her deputy could spend such a whopping sum on the renovation of their official residences and the purchase of 12 cars in a country where poverty and disease are endemic, where unemployment remains sky-high and where basic infrastructure have broken down, with more than half of the nation’s 140 million people living on less than a dollar a day.
The costs of the projects of renovating their official residences is mind boggling and unacceptably exorbitant and the award of the contracts was illegal as it was not provided for in the 2007 budget. The National Assembly must approve any extra-budgetry expenditure to be made by any public official. The award of the contracts also violated laid down procedure, as the jobs were not advertised in the Federal Tenders Journal or national newspapers to allow for competitive bidding. In conclusion, Etteh’s action is an economic crime for which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission should bring her and her collaborators to book and she definitely needs to be impeached.

Etteh is believed to have reached out to her bigger powerful "pimps", former President Ole Baba Jaguda (OBJ), the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party and the leadership of the Senate to save her from disgrace.

In contrast, here are hapless Nigerian women who were branded as prostitutes and whose less powerful "brothel" pimps couldn't do anything to save them from the hands of the over zealous Nigerian Police Force.
Now who deserve justice? The innocent hapless women or the fraudulent Madam Speaker? You be the judge!
Apparently, in an attempt to prove their mettle, the Lagos State Police is chasing after Nigerian females paraded in this photo, they, the police have ignored two categories of men who make Lagos ungovernable, immoral and unsafe. The armed robbers who the police claim hides out at the "Brothels" where these citizens were arrested and the men who prostitute them (especially the married men and corrupt politicians who engage in this acts at the expense of their wives), since it takes two opposite sex to tango in a prostitution business. This is chauvinism at its worst. Leave these women alone if you can't parade their patrons. Shame on Lagos Policemen!


Anonymous imnakoya said...

The maintenance cost of democracy – the allowances for legislators both federal and state, and cost of their up keep – gives me belly ache. Several of these people are just figure heads – they go the legislature to sleep, chew kola nuts and socialize, an dof course make money.

Is there any public data on how each legislator performs while in office? Like the number of bill sponsored, their activities in the house, projects executed in their constituencies? Nigerians need a scorecard for these people. We need it.

On the police: they stopped being relevant several years ago…I nominate them for the World Most Anti-public and Most-ineffective Law Enforcement Agency award in the world.

Wed Aug 22, 01:07:00 PM EDT  
Blogger catwalq said...

My breakfast just turned sour in my belly.I am so disgusted...
I don't know what Yaradua is looking at and still allowing all this bull shit to continue

Sat Aug 25, 11:49:00 AM EDT  
Blogger de'-tente said...

the nigerian political arena has ceased to surprise me.....
But we must continue to speak up for truth,justice and equity.
This is baptism of fire for Yaradua's anti graft policy,and we are yet to see any action!!!!

Sat Sep 01, 03:41:00 AM EDT  

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