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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Review of This Week Naija News

Obi in, Uba Out This is the most explosive news of the week! Xmas came early for the people of Anambra State as they went agog with celebration; with Uba now licking his wounds of shameful defeat in the hands of the justice system. Kudos to the Nigerian justice system for rejecting these sham and fraudaulent election winners. The thought of Andy Uba only evokes memories of his criminal act of ferrying huge caches of stolen cash on Nigeria's presidential jets. And for the ruling political elites to impose this buffoon on Anambra state as governor, is a class act of reckless display of power. Glad one is down, many more Obasanjo boys to go!

One cannot but ponder what future now lies for the people of Niger Delta when
Militants Announce Ceasefire over Dokubo’s release
, but in the same breath are sending mixed messages, as their renegade brother's in arms are actively in business.
Militants kidnap 2 Indians in Sapele
. Can't they all put their acts together for the peace and stability of the nation, rather than unleashing mayhem and terror on the ordinary citizenry that is far more worse than those inflicted by the government and oil companies. It's sad to see that Nigeria has degenerated to the point where these militants are now holding foreign nationals to ransome, under the guise of agitating for a better life for the Niger Deltans. What better life are they asking for, if not for their own selfish interest?!! *hiss* Dialogue people. Dialogue!

No nation can top the ingenuity of the Nigerian Police Force as they've masterminded the act of criminality. Police fraud: Detectives find naira bills inside refrigerators, TV sets Talk about having a police force that have sworn to uphold the rule of law and the creed (of being model citizens) in protecting the lives and property of the Nigerian people! What a hypocrisy? ( cough* cough**)

Can you believe this news story? Politicians, govt officials order armoured vehicles Are Nigerian politrickcians and government officials now scared of the insecurity of the nation? Are they now hiding in armored vehicles in fear of armed robbers and political thugs, that their fraudaulent acts and inactions in creating a stable and crime-free polity, have unleashed on to the streets of the nation? Wonders shall never end!

Is this still news? Election materials disappear from INEC’s office The last time I checked, this is the only way Nigerian politrickcians know how to win elections; by stealing election materials and stuffing ballot boxes.

Stop looking outwards for Africa’s salvation, Yar‘Adua tells ECOWAS . What, Yardy 'yardy??! Ok, seriously Yar’Adua please take your own advice and apply it in fixing Nigeria's humongous problems. You need to look inward to fix our roads, health care, electricity, water, crimes and unemployment and stop going on unproductive foreign trips, medical treatments abroad, and having children, wives, cuncubines, living and schooling in obodo oyibo! And this must be applicable to all government officials and political office holders; because as soon as they appreciate looking inward at the mess they've created in Nigeria, maybe they can start doing something to fix our social, economic and political problems!

I think I'm even getting tired of this really stale news? Our politrickcians have not only perfected the act on how to loot directly from the Nigerian treasury but, they've mastered the art of using the pen as well; giving themselves mouth watering pay raises that are far beyond the imagination of the common man . Union Leaders Condemn Allowances For Federal Legislators

Yoruba protest Yar’Adua’s appointments. Of the millions of problems that are bogging us as a nation, tribal politics is now rearing it's ugly head. This selfish, ethnocentric turn by turn politricks, is going to destroy us as a nation! I'm not sticking up for Yardy Yardy; however, when OBJ was at the helm of affairs, did anybody questioned him when he appointed only his brothers, sisters, wives, and his many many children? So why are these old, good-for nothing, OBJ ass lickers, alms begging, petty, so-called Yoruba Elders now 'bad belleing' the new government. Please, they need to go sit don for corner jare and do something positive with their time rather than trying to play tribal politricks.

I was curiously optimistic that Ex-governors who no longer have immunity and have been found to have enriched themselves illegaly, would soon be arrested and made to face the wrath of the law when I read this news article.
EFCC quizzes Tinubu over fraud - Ex-gov Nnamani arrives, appears at EFCC Thursday, but then, sadly came this news on this glorious halleluyah Sunday morning. Yar’adua asks EFCC to “cool down” on corrupt governors.

Now is Yar’adua serving the interest of Nigerians or those of his criminal friends? Well, since he was never elected, but hoodwinked into being our nations leader, you can tell whose side he is on. This is a bad precedent for the nation and it shows that Nigerian leaders are back to business as usual - Chop and clean mouth politricks!

In conclusion, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has boasted not only in Nigeria, but all over the world, that he is the anti-corruption czar in Nigeria and that some governors would be prosecuted after leaving office. Now it's two weeks after the former governors have left office, none of them has been arrested in spite of the position of the EFCC that they looted the treasury. What is this mallam going to do since his boss is now singing a different tone? Is this a true Mallam...all the aboki's I know carry daggers, and you better not mess with them! Na which kain mallam be dis one sef, shuo?...Mallam Ribadu, you better start taking action before the EFCC loses it's feeble credibility as an anti-graft government entity. And for you, failure to take action, simply shows that you're just another egoistical puppet on a string of a visionless and corrupt Nigerian government!

C ya'll people. Let me know what you think! PEACE NIGERIA!


Blogger Mr.Fineboy said...

Which one Baba Umoru dey sef? I was all giddy with excitement at the fact that the EFCC was gonna start probing and arresting these crooks. Now he's told them to cool down. I tire for Naija men. Next thing you know, they'll frustrate Nuhu out of that job! Nice post as usual, my brother.

Thu Jun 21, 03:54:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Ugo Daniels said...

I'll always cherish the news of Obi coming back. I personally prefer him to any other candidate in that Anambara state. And btw, i stand to gain more with him in the governors!

Thu Jun 21, 09:09:00 AM EDT  
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Fri Jun 22, 12:46:00 AM EDT  
Blogger catwalq said...

I too, have been waiting for Ribadu to display for me...

Sun Jun 24, 08:42:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Omodudu said...


Mon Jun 25, 01:20:00 PM EDT  
Blogger BlogVille Idols said...

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Tue Jun 26, 12:54:00 AM EDT  
Blogger diary of a G said...

thanks 4 coming thru
I'll holla

Thu Jun 28, 03:59:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Teediva said...

abeg i was looking forward to EFCC doing there jobs immediately after the handover and arresting all these rogues in political clothing. ah ah, wtf? it's just sad the way this country goes a little more downhill everyday. can one man really solve our problem?

Sat Jul 07, 03:22:00 PM EDT  

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