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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Sad Day for Nigerian Aviation

Glad to hear that the Minister of Aviation has swapped position with another imbecile Minister. That's what we call "same 'ole' same 'ole!. I am disappointed, as a Nigerian, that we only have 'doughy' people in positions who bask in being called "Ministers". These heiffa's; President Obasanjo inclusive, lacks the necesary experience, professionalism and statemanship to steer the rudders of our nation-state out of muddled waters! I am appalled and absolutely disgusted whenever mediocre excuses of "it's the handiwork of God" are given where due negligence, rot in the nation's social and economic polity are common day occurences to ordinary Nigerians.It's about time young generation Nigerians take back our country from these political half wits before it disentigrate into the throes of abysmal dome!

Let's pay tribute to all of our fallen Nigerian brothers and sisters! Click
HERE and say a little prayer for the repose of the souls of our departed plane crash victims.

Feel free to share your thoughts and prayers!


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